Beauty Begins at the Brow

Perfect Polish and Brows is committed to making you look and feel your best through eyebrow enhancements, gel nails and spray tans. Perfect Polish and Brows is certified, licensed and insured with an attention to detail that is expressed in our work. Whether you are looking to simply enhance your existing eyebrows, or need a complete eyebrow reconstruction, we can help. Perfect Polish and Brows is your top choice for eyebrow enhancements in Calgary. I have a full nail client list, but I always try to do my best to do full sets of gel nails for special occasions such as weddings. Please contact me for your special occasions to inquire about pricing and availability.

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My Story

I use the microblading technique, a safe, minimally invasive semi-permanent way of enhancing your eyebrows. There are several names for this technique such as eyebrow feathering, 3D eyebrows, Hdi brows, eyebrow embroidery, and microstroking. Ultimately, my techniques lead to the same result; natural looking, beautifully sculpted eyebrows that don’t wash off.

I am certified for microblading, with an additional class in advance training in microblading & microshading techniques. Since I deal with blades in the microblading process I have obtained certification for the prevention of spreading bloodborne pathogens.

Located in Shawnessy Calgary, my work space is Alberta Health certified, having met and exceeded all standards and requirements for aesthetic health services. I am a perfectionist, always practicing and trying to be better than I was yesterday. I treat your eyebrows as if they were my own. I take my work very seriously, but have fun doing it!

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The Process

Microblading is the act of implanting pigment under the first couple layers of skin. This is done by using a sterilized, one time use blade. All blades are opened in front of you and disposed of in a sharps container at the end of your appointment. The skin is numbed with a surface anesthetic prior to and during the appointment to keep any discomfort minimal.

The eyebrow colour and shape is determined with your input prior to actually starting the microblading process. I give you my professional input, but ultimately it is your face and therefore your decision. It is a very interactive appointment.

A consultation is recommended for all clients. It is recommended that the consultation take place 2-3 days prior to the day of initial treatment so that scratch testing can assess any potential reaction to the treatment process. Initial treatment will take place following the consultation. A second appointment for “touch up” will occur 4-8 weeks following the initial procedure. Please see detailed descriptions of these visits under the FAQ tab.

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“I absolutely love my brows! Sara takes the time to work with you so you get the look you want. She is very detail oriented which is exactly what you want when someone is working on your skin! I am extremely happy with my experience.” – Tara J.

“Sara’s precision, attention to detail and knowledge has changed the microblading game. I loved my eyebrows immediately after my first treatment and touch up, they healed extremely well and look so natural. I’ve received tons of compliments on the shape, colour and strokes. I can’t recommend her enough!” – Morgan

“I recently received microblading treatment on my eyebrows done by Sara. The results were nothing short of amazing! I honestly never thought I would be able to get a full brow look without penciling them in or getting tattooed but I have been pleasantly surprised by how natural and full my eyebrows look every morning! I’m hooked! I would recommend microblading, (and Sara!) to anyone looking for a natural enhancement or drastic difference in their eyebrows!” – Nicky F.